About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior solutions that strengthen our customers’ financial security and enhance their quality of life. We commit to providing these solutions with integrity and respect to the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To connect people with solutions that protect their life, health and wealth.


For investors who value premium service and expert advice from qualified professionals, FG Capital Markets is the right choice for you. If you are seeking to start or grow your investment portfolio, and want to spend less time worrying about your portfolio and more time enjoying life, then come and talk to one of our investment advisors today.


FG Capital Markets specializes in:

  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Brokerage Services and
  • Securities Trading


FG Capital Markets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FamGuard Corporation (FamGuard), a publicly traded company and one of the country's leading financial services institutions. FamGuard is also the parent company of Family Guardian Insurance Company, whichhas a decade-longhistory of stability, financial strength, customer service proficiency and sound portfolio management in the local market.


FamGuard is listed with the Bahamas International Securities Exchange(BISX).